Mark Levin: WOKE Corporations Are Trying To Shame You Out of Your Rights

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It’s taken a baseball game for some corporations to show their true colors—being shills in the Democrat con game. If you favor voter ID laws, you’re suppressing votes (and you’re a racist). If you disagree with the Left’s sabotaging states’ voting laws, you’re Jim Crow (and you’re a racist). And if call out their lies and inaccuracies? You’re a sexist (and a racist). For the Left, they have made voting a cultural and social issue. Now, the Democrats and the mainstream media are coordinating their attack on Georgia’s new voting law, parroting lies and inaccuracies to fear-monger. Hell-bent on nullifying all opposition to their plans, Mark points out that if they get their way, they will undermine our voting system. And they will rule for a century without opposition. WATCH more Mark Levin:

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