Mark Cuban Says The Darnedest Things

Mark Cuban has been on the offensive against Donald Trump for the better part of the last year.

It all began during the 2016 election when Cuban took to any liberal platform he could to bash Trump, hoping to affect the outcome of the November contest.  Then, as Trump cruised to victory, Cuban began lashing out in other ways.

“Wednesday in New York City, owner of the Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban told TMZ he didn’t think President Donald Trump would last four years.

“Cuban said, ‘Some of his policies are fine, right, some of his Republican-driven policies — tax reform, reduction of bureaucracy…I think There are a lot of positives there, but I don’t think those are necessarily his ideas, and the execution, particularly on the ban, has been horrible. I mean, I don’t think he lasts four years.’”

Whether Cuban’s latest statements could be construed as an ominous warning…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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