Marie “Terrorists Need Jobs” Harf Defends The Indefensible on Fox News

While this story is not really about Marie Harf, she does provide a focal point for analyzing the Obama administrations failed Middle East policies. I say failed because it is hard to believe that this was done to the prestige of the United States on purpose. I could be wrong. Here is what they thought caused ISIS and what they should do to fix the problem. It does not reflect reality as the world knows it. Read this.

As Written and Reported By Daniel John Sobieski for the American Thinker:

Only someone who worked in Hillary Clinton’s State Department and thought giving ISIS summer jobs would stop their beheadings and terrorist attacks could dispute Josh Meyer’s lengthy, well-researched article in Politico detailing “how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook” by undermining his own government’s efforts to take down the terrorist group’s drug trafficking operations:

“I was part of the negotiating team that got the Iran nuclear deal done,” the



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