March For Life Dissed by Liberal Women’s March


Much of the mainstream media was abuzz last week regarding the “Million” Woman March on Washington D.C., and another rights group feels slighted.

A pro life march on Washington was given the proverbial finger by the the ultra leftist “Women’s March” organizers.

The March For Life, which descended upon Washington D.C. this week, was organized to bring light to the plight of unborn Americans who are subjected to extremely lax fetus’ rights legislature.  This group, hoping to join in the Women’s March of a week ago, were sadly turned away.

“As anti-abortion activists gathered on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., for the March for Life on Friday, there was a sense of hope and excitement about what can be achieved under the new administration. But there was also frustration directed at organizers of the Women’s March — which gathered on the same real estate last weekend — for leaving out…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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