Man Sets Up a Charles Manson ‘GoFundMe’ Account for His Funeral and Burial Expenses

Well, this really takes the cake doesn’t it? Who would have thought after all these years that someone would fund a mass-murder with a ‘Go Fund Me’ Account? But here we are!

Mass-murderer Charles Manson finally died and toddled off to hell this week at the age of 83. Unfortunately, his family does not have the funds to bury the demon, so he’s on a slab at the coroner’s office in California. No sympathy here. My husband yesterday suggested throwing him in a volcano to eradicate he was ever here. I’m up for that, but unfortunately I won’t get my way.

His 41-year-old grandson, Jason Lee Freeman, set up a ‘GoFundMe’ account trying to raise $15,000 to give Manson the “honor, respect and dignity he deserves.” That was before the funding site got wind of it and yanked the page. Good for them and Manson does not ‘deserve’ a



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