Man Forcibly Removed From Princeton Campus

Sexism Wins Over Princeton University (Image: MGN)

Princeton University is getting rid of the “man” and filling their scholastic material with gender-neutral terms and phrases. Princeton’s Human Resources and Office of Communications released a four-page memo of what phrases were acceptable. Instead of encouraging students to be individuals, they are now lumping everyone into the same “neutral” categories.

When you think of Princeton University you think of the cream of the crop. You think of trust fund kids with the latest apparel from Ralph Lauren or determined kids who work three jobs just to put themselves through college. You think of class and education. Well now, Princeton University is changing a few things. 

The historic Ivy League University is taking the “man” out of the equation. That’s right, Princeton is now in the middle of changing all of the male-leaning language in their school material into “gender-neutral” terms and phrases.





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