Making Soviet Communism great again: NYT goes on pro-Soviet nostalgia trip, ignores mass murders

New York Times

If liberals like Maxine Waters want to find collusion between American opinion makers and Russians, they should probably take a gander at the New York Times.  On Wednesday, the Times published an op-ed praising the former Soviet dictatorship.

Newsbusters’ Chris Reeves called it the latest in ” a shameful year-long campaign to whitewash and rehabilitate the legacy of communism…”

“In spite of having spent ten years travelling throughout Russia talking to people about their family histories and memories of the Soviet period, writers Olga Shevchenko and Oksana Sarkisova were apparently unable to find any relatives of the more than 20 million people who were murdered during the course of political purges, forced collectivization, or starvation genocide,” he wrote.

The two writers, instead, focused on those with pleasant memories of the old regime.

The article, titled, “Remembering Life in the Soviet Union, One Family Photo at a Time,”



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