Mad Maxine Waters Exploits Non-Political Charity Event To Crap On Trump

So far in 2017, it seems as though the Democrats are more concerned with hindering the American President than helping the American people.It’s a vile piece of political reality that has reared its ugly head during the first year of President Trump’s time in the Oval Office, and it has exposed many liberals for what they are:  opportunistic obstructionists hellbent on undermining America for their own political gain. One of the worst offenders is mad Maxine Waters (D-CA), a woman who has been calling for the President’s impeachment since he was elected last November

Every syllable uttered by the Commander in Chief has been dissected, deposed, and discarded by the political left via the exploitation of the mainstream media – a tool that has long been under the control of the progressives.  President Trump can do no right in their eyes, and their pathetic attempts to link everything negative back to the

Andrew West

Andrew West

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