Louisiana Is Drowning With No Relief In Sight

Louisiana Damage Report (Image: MGN)

Eleven people have been pronounced dead in the horrific floodings of Louisiana. 40,000 people are now homeless after their homes have been destroyed. An estimated number of $30 million will be needed to effectively relieve the people and get Louisiana back on its feet. The worst part is, the rains haven’t stopped yet and the damage is expected to get worse.

Rain is continuing to fall on the streets of Louisiana. Although thousands of residents are returning back to their water-logged homes, the damage isn’t over.

The reports that have come from Louisiana, from this never before seen flood, has everyone in shock. At the moment, eleven people have been pronounced dead. Reports, however, do vary, some are claiming eleven, with others reporting twelve. 30,000 people have been evacuated from their homes, and nearly 40,000 homes were completely destroyed. 

Mike Steele, a spokesman for the Governor’s…



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