Loser Crack Addict Gives Birth While Smoking Crack and Hides Baby in Back Yard Bushes

Police have arrested a Clearwater woman for child neglect for smoking crack just before giving birth to a baby and then hiding the newborn baby in her backyard.

Police say Katrina Kegelman, 24, was using crack cocaine and other drugs Monday night around 10:20 p.m. when a friend of hers noticed blood on her pants and asked her where her baby was.

Kegelman begged the friend not to call 911 because she was afraid that she would face charges in the baby’s death for having smoked crack just before giving birth. Once the friends realized the baby was likely in grave danger, they called 911 against Kegelman’s protests.

When fire rescue arrived, police say Kegelman was still uncooperative and finally pointed to the backyard where the baby was. Turns out, after giving birth…



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