Looking back at biggest political losers of 2017

A new Rasmussen poll has some uncomfortable news for Hillary Clinton. (Screen snip: YouTube, CBS)

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was one of the big political losers of 2017, according to one GOP observer.

If 2017 has given the American public anything, it has been melodrama, comedy and an abundance of downright stupidity, and a list of political losers from which one can pick and choose their not-so-favorites, as did GOP communications specialist T.J. McCormack Tuesday morning on “Fox and Friends.”

His top loser for the year was Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, for defending Rep. John Conyers who resigned from Congress after disturbing reports of sexual misconduct were exposed. Conyers, a perennial anti-gunner among his other problems, was not even around to vote against the concealed carry reciprocity bill.

Conyers, of course, is another loser, whose political career on Capitol Hill dates back to 1965 – should anybody be allowed to



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