Look What’s Suddenly Missing In The Democrat Talking Points

Quite suddenly there has been a reticence on the part of Democrats to even mention the Trump Dossier. It may have something to do with what keeps bubbling to the surface every time someone digs into the facts around the case. 

Some of the entities that do not want to be mentioned would include former President Barack Obama, the DNC, and candidate for President Hillary Clinton. They seem to be behind the funding of the opposition “research” that created the Russian Dossier. It is a real can of liberal worms just waiting to be viewed.

As Written By Kristina Wong for Breitbart: 

Democrats have gone silent on the Trump dossier in recent weeks, as Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee have begun to find out more information about it.

FBI and Justice Department officials recently told House Intelligence Committee investigators that they could not verify any of the document’s assertions about collusion, according to



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