LOL! CNN Asks Podesta Embarrassing Question About The Clinton Campaign [Video]

[VIDEO] John Podesta was the campaign manager for Hillary Clinton and it was past time for somebody to ask him some tough questions about the Presidential election. You would have figured that CNN, of all networks (The joke is that CNN stands for the Clinton News Network.), would be tossing out softballs for Big John to hit. That was not the case in this interview. The way it was phrased makes the Russians look far more intelligent in their planning. What did they ask? Please watch.

[embedded content]
As Written and Reported By Carlos Garcia for The Blaze:

Former Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta was asked an embarrassing question about the accusations that Russian interference helped tip the 2016 election to elect President Trump over his opponent.

CNN host Nancy Cords interviewed Podesta about the recent indictments from special counsel Mueller’s investigation into Russian election intervention and alleged collusion.

“How is it that



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