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Will the GOP ever keep their promise about Obamacare? What’s the truth behind the Russian conspiracy? Why wasn’t I invited to the Donald Trump Jr. meeting with the Russian Lawyer (and do they have any of the refreshments left over) Those are just some of the big news stories, that may be discussed on today’s Lid Radio Show with special guest, Kenneth McClenton the Exceptional Conservative.  Ken I will discuss today’s big political news with great insight and humor.

Not only is Ken a great conservative pundit, who provides insight into the day’s news but also..well…let’s just say when Ken and I get together, along with the great political insight but also things tend to get funny. You see Ken is my brother from a darker mother.

So so join in on the news and the fun— tune into the Lid Radio Show at 2pm Eastern by clicking on these SHR Media network or High Plains Talk…



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