Listen Today @ 2PM EST: The Lid Radio Show W/ Guest Ed Morrissey

When will Al Franken actually leave the senate? When he does leave will he have to put those “found” absentee ballots in a car trunk for the next Democrat to steal an election? Will the GOP tax bill really heat up the economy?  Now that he has a major legislative victory will President Trump approval ratings rise? Will the Press ever be fair to President Trump? Will Maxine Waters continue to call for the President’s impeachment? Will she learn how to spell impeachment? And most importantly, why am I asking all these questions?

These and other breaking news will be analyzed today on the Lid Radio Show from 2-3pm EST as we welcome my good friend,  blogging superstar, political pundit, radio host, and author ….. Ed Morrissey.  

After every major piece of political news the first place I go is to  to read what Ed Morrissey has to say.  Ed



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