List of everything Zuckerberg will follow up on

(WIRED) — Mark Zuckerberg visited Capitol Hill this week, spending hours answering questions from Congress about privacy, Russia, algorithms, and more. Also: not answering those questions. Dozens of times, Zuckerberg deferred, responding instead that his “team” would “follow up.” In the interest of helping both Congress and Facebook keep track of those many, many promises to provide more—or in many cases, any—detail, we’ve collected them all here.

Please note that this does not include the several occasions in which Zuckerberg claimed he didn’t know an answer but promised no follow-up. (There were lots of those, too.) We’re also not including instances where legislators ran out of time and submitted further written questions, or proactively asked Zuckerberg to get them more information later.

But by our best reckoning, what follows is every instance in which Zuckerberg volunteered to get back to a specific senator or representative—giving his “team” one heaping pile



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