Limbaugh laughs as judge makes ‘mincemeat’ of enviro ‘wackos’

Rush Limbaugh

Talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh is certainly enjoying the show as a California judge exposed climate-change “wackos” who filed a massive lawsuit against five oil companies.

In fact, their big “smoking-gun” evidence appears to have gone up in smoke before a judge’s eyes.

As most are aware, those who claim global warming is a manmade existential threat to humanity’s future dive deep into their rhetoric regularly. Last year, Al Gore introduced his sequel to the 2006 “An Inconvenient Truth,” which, a United Kingdom judge said, had to be accompanied by an alert to students that its statements were “not supported by current mainstream scientific consensus,” if it was shown there.

Gore also told an audience in 2009 “the entire north polar ice cap during some of the summer months could be completely ice-free within the next five to seven years.”

That would have been … two years ago.

He also predicted increasing temperatures would



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