Lifelong Democrat Doug Schoen: My Party “Rotten to the Core” [VIDEO]

Doug Schoen is a lifelong Democrat who is also a realist who dislikes what he sees as the party’s total corruption.  He is also a former staff member of the Bill Clinton White House, and believes that Hillary is corrupt right down to her orthopedic shoes.

Schoen made his observation after the latest revelation that Hillary forced the DNC to make an agreement that gave her total control of all the money the DNC spent and how money was laundered from state parties to her campaign that got around limits on contributions to her campaign.

Schoen is a left-wing Democratic operative that is in partnership with another lifelong Democratic operative, Pat Caddell, who worked for the Carter administration.  Both have been critical of their party since the beginning of the Obama era, or “error,” as many might say.  Appearing on Hannity, Schoen said, “My party is rotten to the



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