Lid Radio Show Today @2p EDT, W/Guest Ken McClenton the Exceptional Conservative

They’re baaaack!  Next week Chuck Schumer will be moving his glasses back to the tip of his nose, Nancy Pelosi will be pumping the air back into her nose, Bernie Sanders will be practicing for his next piece of legislation by picking the pockets of his Senate colleagues and Lindsey Graham will be doing whatever John McCain tells him to do. In other words Congress will be back in session, and the buisness of running the country will grind to a halt.

This congressional session will address some crucial issues including, tax reform, the debt ceiling, and allocating funds for Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren to secure a new headdress, and of course searching for Mad Maxine Waters’ lost brain. There is no one better to discus the congressional agenda with than today’s special guest, my good friend, Kenneth McClenton the Exceptional Conservative.  Ken I will discuss the congressional agenda, the rise of



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