Liberty Links 9/9/17

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Top Links of the Week

Joe Rogan Experience #1006 – Jordan Peterson & Bret Weinstein (All three hours are outstanding, YouTube)

Equifax is Proving Why Forced Arbitration Clauses Ought to Be Banned, Just Like the CFPB Wants to Do (The Intercept)

Three Equifax Managers Sold Stock Before Cyber Hack Revealed (Bloomberg)

Alleged Equifax Hackers Demand $2.6 Million Bitcoin Ransom — Or Else… (Mashable)

This Pro-Hillary Website Looks Like North Korean Agitprop (Politico)

European Junk Rally Pushes Yields Below U.S. Treasuries (This financial system is terminal, Bloomberg)

My Friends at Google: It Is Time to Return to Not Being Evil (More evidence Google is abusing it’s power, Vivaldi Technologies Blog)

Venezuela’s Maduro Says Will Shun U.S. Dollar in Favor of Yuan, Others (Reuters)

Nearly Half of Working-Age American Men Who Are Out of the



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