Liberty Links 8/26/17

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Must Reads

Why Even Nazis Deserve Free Speech (Politico)

Beware the “The Cultural Civil War” Narrative: You’re Being Played (Excellent, Of Two Minds)

Should Protesters Be Classified as Terrorists? (Terrible title, really good article, The Hill)

The Coming Clash Of Empires: Russia’s Role As A Global Game-Changer (Zerohedge)

The Implications of Charlottesville (The Heterodox Academy)

The Confederate General Who Was Erased (Fascinating article, The Huffington Post)

Silicon Valley Struggle Sessions (Cody Wilson, Jacobite)

U.S. Politics

Sen. Rand Paul: 16 Years On, It’s Past Time to Bring Our Troops Home From Afghanistan (The Hill)

Mnuchin’s Wife Mocks Oregon Woman Over Lifestyle and Wealth (Money can’t buy class, The New York Times)

Thornton Passes Strict Oil, Gas Rules as Tensions Over Drilling in Neighborhoods Rise (Colorado communities battling oil and gas companies, The Denver Post)



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