Liberty Links 8/21/16

25 links today. Enjoy.

Powerful NSA Hacking Tools Have Been Revealed Online (Must read, Washington Post)

Clinton’s Syria War Plans (VERY scary, must read, The American Conservative)

The King of ‘Political Intelligence’ Faces a Reckoning (More Washington D.C. sleaze, Wall Street Journal)

U.S. Opens Probe Into Concerns Over Health-Provider Payments (Just another slimy corporate scam, Wall Street Journal)

We Must Protect Shareholders From Executive Wrongdoing (This whistleblower is a legend, FT)

Aetna CEO Threatened Obamacare Pullout If Feds Opposed Humana Merger (Huffington Post)

Hillary Clinton’s Fundraising Pace Accelerates (63 fundraisers planned, zero press conferences, Wall Street Journal)

Progressive Clinton Supporters: You Broke It, You Bought It (The Hill)

Searches for Green Party Surpass Dems During CNN Town Hall (The Hill)

Green Party, Stein embrace Assange (The Hill)

Assange Itching to Get Leaks on Trump (The Hill)

Manafort Tied to Undisclosed Foreign Lobbying (Tony Podesta also entangled in this, AP)

Pat Caddell on ‘Cooked’ Reuters Poll: ‘Never in My…



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