Liberty Links 4/19/16

23 links today. Enjoy.

Twitter Pummels ‘War Criminal’ Donald Rumsfeld (Feel good story of the day, Raw Story)

Microsoft Sues US Government for the Right to Tell You When the Feds Are Reading Your Email (BoingBoing)

Peter King: “I’ll Take Cyanide if He (Cruz) Ever Got the Nomination” (I’d vote for Cruz just to see that, Politico)

Paying Up for Being Poor (Bloomberg)

Ohio Woman Charged After Livestreaming Friend’s Rape on Twitter’s Periscope (Venture Beat)

Poll: Just 6 Percent of People Say They Trust the Media (This is circa 1990 USSR levels of distrust, AP)

Over 7,800 Prosecutions Questioned After NJ Lab Tech Caught Faking Drug Test Results (Total insanity, TechDirt)

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