Liberty Links 3/25/17

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Must Reads

Were the Hackers Who Broke into the DNC’s Email Really Russian? (Very important, read and share, Miami Herald)

FBI Bosses Are Grilled by Congress on Secret Face Recognition Program Which Has Swept up Tens of Millions of Americans  (They hate us for our freedom, Daily Mail)

Italy Falls Out of Love With Euro: Beppe Grillo on the Rise (I think Italy will bring down the euro, MishTalk)

Brazil is Handing Over the Amazon Rainforest to Mining Companies and Big Agriculture (Terrible, Vice)

Guantánamo Judge Orders CIA Testimony on Destroyed ‘Black Site’ Videotapes (Miami Herald)

California Lawmakers Looking To Make Bad Law Worse By Banning ‘False’ Political Speech (TechDirt)

‘Dual U.S.-Israeli Citizen Behind Most JCC Bomb Threat Calls’ (The Jerusalem Post)

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