Liberty Links 2/25/17

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Must Reads

Michael Hudson: Why Failing to Solve Personal Debt and Polarization Will Usher in a New Dark Age (Lengthy, but fascinating article, Naked Capitalism)

The Increasingly Unhinged Russia Rhetoric Comes From a Long-Standing U.S. Playbook (The Intercept)

What JPMorgan and Citigroup Have in Common When It Comes to Crime (Wall Street on Parade)

Bernie Sanders Loyalists Are Taking Over the Democratic Party One County Office at a Time (The Wall Street Journal)

Rep. Sensenbrenner Thinks We Can Pay For The Border Wall With More Asset Forfeiture (Peak stupid, TechDirt)

U.S. Life Expectancy Will Soon Be on Par With Mexico’s and the Czech Republic’s (Putin’s fault, The Washington Post)

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