Liberty Links 2/18/17

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Must Reads

Mary Jo White Seriously Misled the U.S. Senate to Become SEC Chair (So much of what is wrong with America can be found in this article, Wall Street on Parade)

Welcome to Trumpland: Obama’s Legacy (CounterPunch)

CBS’s John Dickerson: Donald Trump Didn’t Ruin the Press’s Reputation, We Did That Ourselves (At least he admits it, Mediaite)

America’s Spies Anonymously Took Down Michael Flynn. That is Deeply Worrying. (The Week)

FBI Reviewed Flynn’s Calls with Russian Ambassador but Found Nothing Illicit (Note that this article is from January, The Washington Post)

Democrats Bracing for Town Hall Protests Directed at Them Ask Bernie Sanders for Help (Pathetic, The Washington Post)

Watch CNN Accidentally Explain How They’re Fake News! (Really amusing video from November, YouTube)

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