Liberty Links 11/12/16

Must Reads/Op-eds

Election Day: Only Josh Silver Won (Phenomenal article by Lawrence Lessig)

Donald Trump is Moving to the White House, and Liberals Put Him There (Thomas Frank writing at The Guardian)

Bernie Sanders: Where the Democrats Go From Here (The New York Times)

It’s Worse Than You Think (Chris Hedges writing at TruthDig)

Democrats, Trump, and the Ongoing, Dangerous Refusal to Learn the Lesson of Brexit (Glenn Greeenwald writing at The Intercept)

The Democratic Party Establishment Is Finished (Slate)

Long Time Mass Surveillance Defenders Freak Out Now That Trump Will Have Control (People like this make me sick, TechDirt)

Americans Are Still Freer Than Most, But the Trend Line Are Worrying (Reason)

Colleges Try to Comfort Students Upset by Trump Victory (Some of this stuff is hard to believe, The Wall Street Journal)

Democracy Turns Off Millennials (Very disturbing, Bloomberg)

Beware Donald Trump’s Infrastructure Plan (David Dayen at New Republic)




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