Liberty Links 1/27/18

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Interviews: I did a couple of interviews this past week.

Fault Lines with Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan: Untouchable Issues Top Tier Crooks Agree Upon

World Crypto Network with Andy Hoffman: Bitcoin Futures Manipulation (or not) Special Episode

Top Links

Welcome to Social Evolution (This might be my favorite article of 2018, by Max Borders, Medium)

What Are We Still Doing in Syria? (National Review)

The American Bipartisan Policy Establishment Declares Its ‘Second Cold War’ vs. Russia After Years of Denying It (The Nation)

Hillary Clinton Chose to Shield a Top Adviser Accused of Harassment in 2008 (What a fraud, The New York Times)

Labour Official Tells Davos, ‘There’s an Anger Building Out There’ (Bloomberg

Why We’re Underestimating American Collapse (Umair Haque, Medium)

Trace Mayer: Bitcoin Can Become Reserve Asset (Excellent interview, The Epoch



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