Liberty Links 1/11/18

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Top Links

Adam Curtis – Cyberspace and Power (R.I.P. John Perry Barlow, YouTube)

The Discreet Terror of the American Bourgeoisie (FT)

Will Intelligence Agencies Stop Confiding to Congress? (Intel agencies are out of control, AP)

Bitcoin Is Gaining Currency in Political Campaign Donations (Important new trend, ABC News)

Former Target Manager Aims to Bounce Back with $600,000 Bet Against Volatility (MarketWatch)

Bitcoin Q&A with Andreas Antonopoulos: Regulation and the Bank Boycott (YouTube)

Millennials Think Stocks Are Too Risky — But Bitcoin is Awesome (New York Post)

Speaking of which, check out this poll:

This poll is for millennials only.
Will you care if the stock market collapses?

— Michael Krieger (@LibertyBlitz) February 8, 2018

U.S. Politics/News

Trump’s ‘Marching Orders’ to the Pentagon: Plan a Grand Military Parade (Beyond dumb, The Washington



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