Liberty Links 08/05/17

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Must Reads

Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? (The Atlantic)

Seymour Hersh Discussing Wikileaks, DNC Leaks, Seth Rich & FBI Report (YouTube)

Wells Fargo May Have Forced 570,000 Customers Into Unneeded Auto Insurance (No one will go to jail, CNN Money)

Rand Paul: Civil Asset Forfeiture Turns the American Justice System on Its Head (Very good article by Rand, Rare)

Forbes Says Self-Reliant Homesteaders Are “Delusional” And “Mooching” Off “Civil Society” (The Organic Prepper)

Reefer Madness ORIGINAL TRAILER – 1936 (This is where Sessions gets his cannabis policy from, YouTube)

Hacked Emails Show UAE Building Close Relationship with D.C. Think Tanks That Push Its Agenda (The think thank “industry” is a total racket, The Intercept)

Inequality and Skin in the Game (Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Medium)

U.S. Politics

The Quest to Prove Collusion is



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