Liberty Links 05/27/17

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Must Reads

Google Starts Tracking Offline Shopping — What You Buy at Stores in Person (Big Google is Watching You, LA Times)

Thoughts on Tokens (Read this if you have any interest in the crypto coin space, Balaji S. Srinivasan and Naval Ravikant)

Fidelity Allows Workers to Use Bitcoin in Company Canteen (Financial Times)

Running Free in Germany’s Outdoor Preschools (I love everything about this idea, The New York Times)

Trump Goes on Iran-Bashing Tour (Al-Monitor)

How to Opt Out of Twitter’s New Privacy Settings (EFF)

U.S. Politics

Trump’s Budget Bites Deeply Into Programs Benefiting His Voters (Bloomberg

Despite Deal with Trump, Carrier Cutting More Than 600 American Jobs from U.S. Factory (McClatchy)

What a Great Job You Are Doing,’ Trump Tells Thug Who Fights Drugs With Murder (Reason)

Bernie Backers Rage Over Calif. Democratic Party Chair Race (Politico)




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