Liberty Links 04/09/17

In light of World War 3, links will be short today.

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Five Top Papers Run 18 Opinion Pieces Praising Syria Strikes–Zero Are Critical (Media is nothing more than propaganda, FAIR)

Google to Display Fact-Checking Labels to Show if News is True or False (Nothing good about this, The Guardian)

Germany Approves Bill Curbing Online Hate Crime, Fake News (Yahoo)

Kissinger is the Dark Side of Trump in Syria (By Nafez Ahmed, Middle East Eye)

National Security Officials Disclose Large Stakes in Defense Contractors (Of course, The Wall Street Journal)

Richmond Fed President Lacker Says He Was Involved with Medley Leak, Announces Immediate Resignation (More two-tier justice, CNBC)

U.S. Politics 

Fire Jared Kushner (Interesting,

Megadonor Urged Bannon Not to Resign (Good piece on the White House civil war, Politico)

Bannon Ready for White House ‘Gunfight’ (The Hill)




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