Liberty Counsel warning: California about to ban Bible sales

California’s state capitol building in Sacramento

Liberty Counsel, which defends religious and civil rights, Friday warned that the state of California effectively is about to ban the sale of Bibles.

A bill in the legislature, approved 50-18 in an Assembly vote this week, would forbid counselors from telling a gender-confused male client that he is actually a man.

The law would allow, however, a counselor to advise a male he should identify as a woman.

The legislation, AB 2943, “is so far reaching that it also prohibits printed materials and even books,” Liberty Counsel warned.

An affirmative vote in the Democratic-controlled state Senate appears to be likely.

Liberty Counsel explained the bill “would prevent so-called ‘conversion therapy,’ sometimes called Sexual Orientation Change Efforts, and add it to the list of fraudulent schemes under the states’ Consumer Legal Remedies Act.”

The bill declares “advertising, offering to engage in, or engaging in sexual orientation change efforts with an individual”



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