Liberals, never-Trumpers freak out, spread fake news after Roy Moore says something in Russian

On Saturday, the left-wing Guardian published an interview with Judge Roy Moore which included some questions about Russian President Vladimir Putin.  At the end of the interview, Moore is asked what he would say to Putin, prompting the judge to say, “hello, how are you” in Russian.  Naturally liberals and never-Trumpers freaked out on Twitter and began pushing the false idea that Moore is either a Russian or a Russian agent.

Please watch this until the end, Roy Moore sides with Putin over Reagan, says that America is the focus of evil in the world, and sends a nice message to Putin in Russian.

— The Reagan Battalion (@ReaganBattalion) December 10, 2017

This was a fairly familiar theme, but as usual, was taken way out of context.  Additionally, detractors conveniently left out Moore’s statement in the Guardian interview.  We emphasized the key phrase below:

“I studied Russian



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