Liberals ‘Losing It’ Over Justice Kennedy

How will the actions and findings of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy play out in the case of the cake baker against the same-sex marriage couple that felt discriminated against? The left has seen Kennedy as a swing vote in their favor in past cases before the Court. Thanks to Kennedy, same-sex marriage is legal. This is different. The Judge’s own findings can be used to support the cake maker in this case. This will get interesting. Read what the court watchers are thinking in this article.

As Written by Nicole Russell for the Washington Examiner:

After weeks of build-up in the news cycle, and years of preparation on both sides, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments yesterday in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, one of the most important free speech and free exercise cases in 50 years. No one knows how the court will rule, but speculation is



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