Liberals Exhibit a Pathology of Deception

How do I conclude liberalism is a pathology based on deception?

After being reminded about the TV series Columbo in 2011, I begin asking detective style questions to try to understand why liberals were posting peculiar patterns of debate I had been seeing in thousands of social media and live debates. It was NOT stupidity, like many people claimed. Why do they strongly avoid all supporting evidence for liberal policy failure and conservative policy success?

I first studied psychology articles about how to catch people being dishonest, and how to expose people, the “tell” articles of deception.

Then, I watched a lot of TV detective shows to see what actors use to expose deceitful actors in guilty roles. These “tells” would be the things everyday people understand, like behavior markers poker players watch for in opponents. And they would HAVE to be ”normal” because actors and writers are making a



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