Liberals Are Going Nuts Over This Photograph.. Can You Tell Why?

Dan Bilzerian, who calls himself the “King of Instagram,” because of the popularity of his Instagram site which features big guns and barely dressed women posted the picture in this article and was immediately set upon by liberals who can’t survive a day without bitching about something.  The picture shows Dan feeding a Galapagos tortoise in a game preserve owned by Richard Branson, while a bikini clad woman sits on it.  I fail to see the problem.  She can sit on me anytime.

 Bilzerian, who is known for posing in photos with scantily clad women and huge guns, was criticized by one Instagram user who said: “Probably not cool for your friend to sit on its back.” On Twitter, someone else sarcastically tweeted that “the best way to show one’s appreciation for the animal is…



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