Liberal Protesters Could Have Their Homes Seized If They Riot

The state senate of Arizona has taken a definitive stand against the unAmerican and vitriolic protest that the American political left refuse to abandon.

Protesters against Donald Trump could have their property seized under proposed legislation in Arizona.

Ever since the fair and undisputed election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of these United States, the progressive left has been attempting to disrupt the life of the rest of America through violent and ugly protests, riots, and destruction.  Now, Arizona has had enough.

“The Arizona Senate approved a bill Wednesday that makes organizing or merely participating in a protest that ends up violent, regardless of who perpetrated the violence, an offense that could lead to the seizure of property.

“The measure would essentially mandate that anyone involved in a protest in which others ultimately engage in violence can be charged with criminal conspiracy or racketeering, according to U.S. News &…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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