Liberal Court of Appeals Upholds Decision In Favor of LGBT Couple Over Christian Bakers

In the Oregon Court of Appeals, the rights of an LGBT couple have been ruled to be more important than the rights of Christian bakers. The bakers have been fined for not baking a cake for a gay wedding. It is a sad decision for all Christians and shows how dangerous it is for Christians to do business in the State of Oregon. Read all about this wrong-headed decision by the court.

As Written and Reported By Todd Starnes:

The Oregon Court of Appeals upheld a decision that forced two Christian bakers to pay $135,000 to a lesbian couple who said they felt “mentally raped” when the bakers declined to make a wedding cake.

“Freedom of expression for ourselves should require freedom of expression for others,” First Liberty Institute president Kelly Shackelford said.

First Liberty, one of the nation’s most prominent religious liberty law firms, represented the Kleins.

“The Oregon Court of Appeals decided



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