LGBTQ activists seek to extend speech ban to adults

Successful at imposing a state speech ban on counselors who could respond to minors’ requests for help ridding themselves of same-sex attractions, activists in California now want to expand the prohibition so that no help would be available to similarly situated adults, either.

California several years ago launched a still-developing move to simply impose, by state fiat, a complete speech ban on any counselor who may wish to respond to a minor’s desire to overcome same-sex attractions.

The Supreme Court declined to intervene in the California situation, so the speech ban stands, although it remains under challenge in other states.

But LGBTQ activists at the state level now have proposed expanding that speech ban that no adult could get counseling should he or she desire it.

Assembly Bill 2943 was introduced just days ago, and would define as “an unlawful practice” any effort or attempt to engage in



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