Let’s Dump This President’s Day Nonsense: We Should Celebrate Individual POTUSs

Monday, February 19 has been designated as President’s Day, another fake holiday seemingly meant to tear down American heroes and replace them with a meaningless day off work (for some). But I urge you, America, reject this sham holiday.

It’s right to celebrate the presidents individually, sure, but not the whole gaggle of them on the same day. I mean, it isn’t celebrating any of them if you are celebrating all of them. After all, we don’t celebrate the birthdays of all our siblings and parents on the same day, do we? Wouldn’t each feel slighted if none were given their special day?

Naturally, it isn’t about any particular president’s hurt feelings if we didn’t give them a special day. It’s about us. It’s about our feelings for the country.

Celebrating a particular president for all he has done is an important part of our civil “religion.” It is an important way

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