Lester Holt Betrayed The American People On Monday

Lester Holt’s Left Leaning Presidential Debate (Image: MGN)

Last night’s Presidential debate was something special. Instead of the conversation being about America and what the right steps are to put her back on the right track. The night became a game of who can point the finger best. It was a night of “he said, she said,” yet, the conditions of the night weren’t exactly fair.

Lester Holt just might have been the worst mediator in the history of Presidential debates. Everyone wanted to see Hillary and Trump go at it. Two Presidential candidates, who love to argue, going at it on a broadcasted stage is an exciting event. Yet, with Lester Holt caving to Hillary supporters, the night was less than fair.

Some people might say, “that’s not true it was fair, Donald Trump put himself into the hole,” which may be true. Yet, here are some facts that…



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