Lesbian soldier demands access to marriage seminar taught by Christian

The U.S. Army has been warned that punishing a Christian chaplain for following military law that requires him to adhere to the tenets of the religious organization that sponsors him could result in a lawsuit against the military.

“Our desire is to resolve this amicably, and I am willing to discuss this matter in person, if necessary,” Michael Berry, deputy general counsel for First Liberty Institute, told Col. William Rice in a letter this week. “Should you deny this request, however, we are prepared to take the necessary legal action to vindicate [Chaplain Maj. Scott] Squires’ legal rights.”

Rice is chief of the Special Warfare Education Group at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where an investigator recommended discipline against Squires.

The dispute began when a soldier in a same-sex relationship demanded to participate in a “strong bonds” seminar Squires was scheduled to facilitate. She made the demand after the registration deadline had



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