Leon Panetta: Mueller Will ‘Follow the Money’ on Russia

Former CIA Director Leon Panetta said Thursday that Russia special counsel Robert Mueller is going to “follow the money” as “part and parcel of that investigation” into possible Trump campaign ties to Moscow.

“I can’t understand how the president would assume that somehow his finances could be separated from an investigation into this whole Russian issue,” Panetta, who served in the Obama and Clinton administrations, told Wolf Blitzer on CNN. “The money is part and parcel of that investigation.

“Bob Mueller is going to follow the money, in terms of whether or not it leads to a possibility of collusion as a result of that or possible blackmail.

“There are all kinds of ways this is tied to the larger investigation,” Panetta said.

Citing “sources” Thursday, CNN reported Mueller’s probe is now focusing on financial ties by Trump associates to Moscow.

FBI investigators are reviewing financial records related to the



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