Legal Loopholes Vital To Democrats Are Being Sewn Up In Trump’s Draft Border-Wall Plan

It goes without saying that the Border-Wall, when erected, will not if and by itself solve the illegal immigration issue. We are still a nation of laws and sometimes our laws work against us. There are loopholes in our immigration setup that just invites abuse by those plotting to enter our borders by hook or crook. President Trump’s border bill addresses those issues. They will not be popular with the alt-left progressive liberals who depend on the south of the border votes. Here are the things that the bill addresses and the things that will be fixed. Is it enough? Are they all workable, compassionate, and fair?

As Written and Reported By Neil Munro for Breitbart: 

A copy of President Donald Trump’s draft immigration and amnesty bill includes many legal reforms which would fill the “catch and release” loopholes used by migrants to walk through the border.

Without those legal



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