Leftists Get Their Butts Kicked at Pro-Trump Rally [VIDEO]

Trump supporters know the deal. Leftists are dangerous criminals, and willing to use violence.

If Milo’s non-speech at Berkeley taught us anything, it’s the Left only wants free speech for Leftists.

At a pro-Trump rally, yet again Trump supporters were ready for battle.

Many Trump supporters already in MLK Civic Park with helmets and vests ahead of anticipated pro- and anti- Trump protests. @kron4news pic.twitter.com/xpl2IiceLH

— Averi Harper (@AveriHarper) April 15, 2017

Note the helmet complete with a mask worn by the one gentleman.

Here’s how KRON reported the event:

BERKELEY (KRON) — Fifteen people are in custody as an enormous group of pro and anti-Trump demonstrators continue to rally in Berkeley.

Hundreds of President Trump supporters and anti-Trump protesters are having dual demonstrations today near the downtown area at 2151 Martin Luther King Jr. Way.

KRON4 has a team of reporters at  Martin Luther King Jr. Civic…



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