Learn what’s at stake in 2018 midterms

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

The 2016 elections in America were an earthquake.

Not only did brash outsider Donald Trump defeat a long list of Washington insiders in the Republican presidential primary, he laid waste to the Oval Office ambitions of Democrat Hillary Clinton, who was thought by many to be entitled to the position.

Trump did it by promising to “drain the swamp” in Washington and to “make America great again.”

Since then, the nation’s economy has surged, its enemies abroad are facing pushback, agendas such as global warming have been put on the back burner and more.

But the 2018 vote will be just as important, with control of the House of Representatives on the line. Democrats have been dreaming about an impeachment of the president.

Now comes a gathering of some 2,000 conservatives activists and leaders, the Western Conservative Conference, scheduled for March 23-24 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Invitees include



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