Leak To CNN Of Mueller Indictment LAMBASTED By Trey Gowdy

Former Prosecutor, Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC)  is not happy

The theory the President Donald Trump colluded with Russian government has been floating around the democratic side of the aisle ever since the future president made a joke about Putin finding the emails Hillary unlawfully erased. Not having a sense of humor, Team Hillary and the liberal media picked up the nonsense and ran with it during the 2016 campaign, and talked about it non-stop after Trump won the election.  Falling for a trick planted by former FBI Director Comey, Deputy Attorney General appointed Robert Mueller being appointed as Special Counsel in order to further investigate the Russia matter and anything else he wants to investigate

Now, according to a leak to CNN, Mueller has a sealed indictment of someone who will be arrested on Monday. The only problem with the leak that somebody, possibly on Mueller’s team broke the law



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