Leader Of Hamas-Affiliated CAIR In Fla. Spews Anti-Semitic, Anti-Trump Tirade

In November 2008 the word GUILTY was read a total of 108 times in a Dallas courtroom as a jury convicted the Holy Land Foundation and each of the defendants of raising money to fund Hamas terrorism. Implicated along with those guilty verdicts was supposed civil rights organization CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which lobbies the government from its headquarters in Washington DC, and promotes its anti-American agenda throughout the country via local affiliates.

In 2009 the FBI cut off all relations with CAIR because of its terrorist affiliations and recommended to Congress that they do the same (the Democrats in Congress ignored that recommendation). CAIR contended that the FBI changed their minds in 2010, but the law enforcement agency publicly reaffirmed that disassociation in 2013.

Seven years later CAIR continues its hatred and anti-American propaganda.

A local affiliate in Florida displayed it true colors over the weekend as Florida CAIR leader



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