Lawyer Prepares To Sue CNN For Defaming All Trump Voters (Why It Will Fail)

Joni Turner, who describes herself as a lawyer by trade and an American by birth, has had enough nonsense from CNN. She is preparing a massive class action suit against the news network for calling Trump voters racists.  And while her suit will generate sympathy from many (including this writer) the way the law is structured, class action suits for defamation are usually tossed out pretty quickly.

In keeping with the law,  Ms. Turner sent them a cease and desist order, to stop condemning all Trump voters as Nazis, racists, and white supremacists. Violation of the cease and desist order would then allow Turner to bring the class action suit to court. Within mere minutes after she opened a website for people to sign up to be part of the class, she had garnered 600 signatures. While some CNN talking heads have alluded to the fact that Trump voters fit into



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